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Cultural Health Services
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Welcome to Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services

Fitzroy Crossing is situated in the heart of the Kimberley, 400km east of Broome, and 290km west of Halls Creek. The Fitzroy Valley extends for a radius of approximately 150km from Fitzroy Crossing. There are more than 45 Aboriginal Communities in the Valley. The population of the Valley is approximately 3,500 people, of whom 80% are Indigenous. There are 5 main Aboriginal language groups, each with their own distinct language and customs

Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services (NCHS) is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO). It began in 1995, following a wide reaching community consultation. The consultation aimed to establish the type of health service the local Community wanted. The clear message from this consultation was that the community wanted a holistic, culturally appropriate service that recognises the impact of Aboriginal Law, Culture, Spirit and Land issues on the health of the Community. The Community also specified that they wanted an ACCHO that focused on disease prevention and health promotion. Most importantly, they wanted a service that worked together with the existing, State run, hospital service to avoid duplication of services and improve the quality of services for local people. It was from this consultation that the concept of a partnership between the Fitzroy Valley Health Service (FVHS) and NCHS was formed.

NCHS has 3 main divisions; these are Health Promotion, Health Services and Community Services. Each of these divisions is split into separate areas, as shown:

Health Promotion:
Health Services:
Community Services:

An all Aboriginal Committee governs NCHS. In line with the Constitution, the Committee is made up of representatives from each of the main language groups within the Fitzroy Valley (i.e. Bunuba, Gooniyandi, Walmajarri, and Wangkatjungka). The NCHS Committee of Management comprises five members and meets several times a year.

Administratively, the organization has a CEO, supported by a Executive Director and a Corporate Services Coordinator. The Executive Director is responsible for all of the above mentioned services as well as the effective and efficient administration of the organization. Each program area and associated staff work group is supported by a Program and Services Team Leader who reports to the Director of Services.

The Latest News from our Community

Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services

The new Child Health Promotion Officer Jess, who commenced in May this year, has been busy getting to know the Fitzroy Valley and meeting families in town and surrounding communities.