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Cultural Health Services
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Nutrition - Amanda Cole

As a community nutritionist working in a health promotion team, Amanda is focused on building community capacity to improve health outcomes and prevent chronic disease in people of the Fitzroy Valley. Amanda can conduct group and school education sessions on general nutrition subjects such as the Australian Dietary Guidelines, label reading, shopping tours, importance of bush food in the diet, preventing chronic disease and developing healthy cooking skills as well as assist families with improving food choices and access to food. Amanda also works with community stores to improve their nutrition knowledge, develop nutrition policies and encourage the promotion of healthy products. Amanda can also be contacted to consult on healthy foods to provide at events – but don’t get her confused with a caterer!

Health promotion is population based and aims to achieve equity in health. Amanda is committed to the health promotion principles of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, such as creating supportive environments and strengthening community action. For these reasons, it is outside of her scope to provide individual client consultations that include early intervention, tertiary prevention or chronic disease management. These types of referrals should be directed to the relevant Kimberley dietitian (BOAB or WACHS– refer to Kimberley Dietitians Referral Pathways).