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Music with Mum's and Bub's

The Child Health Promotion officer and the Spiritual Health Promotion officer have begun collaborating more closely to provide extra services to the Mums and Bubs playgroup at Baya Gawiy Child and Parent Centre. The Spiritual Health Promotion officer has been attending the weekly play groups to add a musical session to start off each of the groups. Music assists in all areas of child development such as intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Therefore, by adding these musical sessions to each playgroup we hope to help increase the development and growth of participating children in an alternative and holistic way. The Spiritual Health promotion officer provides a variety of different music. Bulin the local handyman and gardener at Baya Gawiy has joined the Spiritual Health promotion officer to deliver a sing along to traditional songs in local language such as Gooniyandi and Walmajarri. In addition to the traditional music there are nursery rhymes sung and danced along to as well. The children are enjoying and following along to the dancing motions with each nursery rhyme. Music does wonders for the mind, body and soul! Good work to all the participating mothers and bubs! All mums in the Fitzroy valley are welcome to join our Mums and Bubs playgroup each Tuesday at Baya Gawiy starting off at 9:30am.