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Skudduwun Miewun Boodee (also known as Mooditj)

The Sexual health team have been busing delivering Skudduwun Miewun Boodee across the valley.The program was developed by SHQ (Sexual Health Quarters) after talking with many communities throughout WA. It helps young people to feel stronger in themselves and build respectful relationships. It encourages them to make informed and safe decisions about their body, their relationships and their health.

Young people learn more about:

• Identity – who they are and what’s important to them

• Relationships – growing caring, respectful and stronger relationships

• Feelings - understanding their feelings and handling strong feelings

• Speaking out - talking about feelings and wants safely and respectfully

• Goals and dreams – naming a goal and staying on track

• Puberty – understanding the changes and keeping healthy

• Being a young Mum or Dad – thinking about all the things teenage Mums and Dads and the two families have to deal with

• Protective Behaviours – meaning of words, understanding consent and their right to say no, making careful decisions

• Safer sex and contraception – protection from STIs or unwanted pregnancy

Skudduwun Miewun Boodee can be run at school or in community. If your school or community would like to organise a group get in contact with Anne & Beth for girls and Ross for boys.

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